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YetiCare is a versatile tool at Rinnekoti

Customer stories

Originally developed for special needs and special groups, the Yetitablet is available in seven Rinnekoti units. Five units use 65-inch Yetitablets with electronic e-Box stands, and two units use 27- and 43-inch tablets with special padded frames. The size of the tablet and the stands for the tablets are individually selected based on the customers to support the unit in the best possible way. Factors that have been taken into account include the possibility of group activity, customers’ independent work on the tablet, tablet mobility and height adjustability. The devices are safe with safety glass and a durable aluminium body. The Yetitablets are made to withstand heavy use.

The tablets can do many things

Yetitablets are in use in the adult, child and adolescent units at Rinnekoti. The tablets are used either daily or several times a week, depending on the unit. At these units, the Yetitablets are mostly used to play games, stimulate the senses, listen to and play music, and also for painting and drawing. The applications are always used in the units according to the capabilities of the customers. “With the Yetitablet we can target the activities on different levels of the customers,” says Satu Suihkonen, Head of Pikkurinne’s Service Unit. For example, if the games are too challenging for a customer they use music and sensory applications instead.

Sensory and audio applications are the favourites of Hiiala’s children’s unit and they enable them to participate independently. Even accidentally produced sounds teach the children about cause-and-effect relationships and the joy is great when sounds are produced. The best thing about our 27-inch Yetitablet is that it can be placed next to the child even in a reclining position so that usability is the same for everyone”, says Annu Aromaa, Head of the Hiiala Service Unit.

When using the tablet, customers operate according to their capabilities, either independently or with assistance. The tablet is also capable of practising the motor skills of the customers, thanks to its large size. The Yetitablet is extremely suitable for Rinnekoti´s customers because of its versatility. It brings customers new digital stimuli, opportunities, and experiences.

The leaders of all Rinnekoti housing units that have a Yetitablet in their premises, state that they are easy-to-use and functional tools for work and that customers enjoy using them. Kirsi Isomäki, Director of the Einola Service Unit, says: “The Yeti is also an educational tool for us, along with games and other applications. For example, some of our young people are also able to use tasks and applications that contain English words.”

At Kartanonhaka disability centre the Yetitablet is involved in various group activities, for example in the workgroup. Leena Tuononen, Head of the Service Unit, is very pleased with how well Yetitablet can be utilized across different groups. “We usually have several clients in our groups and some of them need more support than others. The Yetitablet acts as a tutor in the group. Some clients may go to Yetitablet to do some exercises and some may do them with the instructor in other ways. The tablet keeps the customers interested and does not require any special preparation or materials from the instructors. The range of applications is wide, and apps can be found for every group, whether it is the senses group, the studio group or the imaginary travel group”, says Tuononen.

Working together delivers important communication skills and it develops the ability to collaborate. Yetitablet is an excellent tool for both individual and group activities.

Leena Tuononen

At the Kartanonhaka disability centre, the Yetitablet has also been found to be an excellent tool for group forming. The tablet inspires customers to try and do new things and is often surrounded by customers who also watch what is happening. The 10 touchpoints allow multiple people to use the tablet at the same time, allowing applications to be used, for example, in pairs or small groups. “Working together delivers important communication skills and it develops the ability to collaborate. Yetitablet is an excellent tool for both individual and group activities”, Tuononen concludes.

About Rinnekodit

Today Rinnekodit is part of the Deaconess Foundation. This 155-year-old foundation provides effective social welfare and health services for people in need of special support. Rinnekodit offers impressive social security services for the elderly, developmentally disabled, people with various disabilities, people with addiction disorders and homeless people, children and young people, as well as other people in need of special support.

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