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YetiCare supports DiakonTerveys in Physiotherapy

Customer stories

YetiCare in physiotherapy use. Customer doing excercises in front of the activity screen.

Physiotherapist Eero Kesälä has noticed that clients are more motivated and achieve better results when using the Yetitablet as part of their training. The large touchscreen and diverse selection of applications allow for an extensive range of motion exercises, and clients are more enthusiastic about engaging in exercises through the games. With YetiCare, physiotherapy sessions become more interactive and motivating for clients and physiotherapists.

YetiCare supports the work of physiotherapists

Physiotherapy is a form of treatment that promotes, restores and maintains health, movement, mobility and functional capacity through various physical exercises. DiakonTerveys in Pori has incorporated YetiCare’s Yetitablet into its occupational and physiotherapy services, expanding therapy possibilities. The Yetitablet is placed in the sports hall of the branch, from where it is easy to move it to different rooms as needed.

Eero Kesälä, a physiotherapist at DiakonTerveys, has noticed that clients are often more motivated to do exercises when using a Yetitablet than without the device. His clientele is quite diverse, ranging from individuals with impaired motor skills to those using wheelchairs

“My customer base is quite broad. Some may have impaired motor skills or use a wheelchair, for example. My clients are mainly adults, with some having been coming to my clinic for up to 11 years. Children are less frequent clients, but sometimes they have come to my appointments too,” says Eero.

Eero uses a Yetitablet with his clients whenever possible. Many clients wish to use the device as part of their rehabilitation. He describes using the tablet as part of the rehabilitation session: “As part of physiotherapy, we use the Yetitablet to play various games that activate motor skills or coordination, for example. We also do motor exercises, and for this purpose, YetiCare’s various motor training apps, such as YetiMaze or YetiFarm, have been beneficial.”

“Often, with the Yetitablet, clients can endure doing exercises more extensively or longer compared to without the device. For example, strive to reach further or make larger movements.”

Eero Kesälä, Physiotherapist

YetiCare motivates the client in physiotherapy

Yetitablet’s large touchscreen is ideal for training extreme movements, and clients are better motivated through gaming.

“Clients often get excited about exercises that can be done on the large screen of the Yetitablet. It’s a great tool and a good motivator for many. With Yetitablet, clients often manage to do exercises more extensively or intensively than without the device. For example, they try to reach further or make larger movements,” describes Eero.

“I have noticed that many capable of throwing enjoy all throwing games and play them a lot. In games, especially the scoring and gamification motivate them to do more and encourage them to keep practising,” he continues.

Eero uses various tools in his physiotherapy, such as softballs or a stick with a ball attached to the end. The use of aids also brings new possibilities to physiotherapy exercises. For example, throwing can be practised concretely.

YetiCare in practice in a physiotherapy session

Good adjustment possibilities of the Yetitablet also support accessibility. The device is also used in physiotherapy by Pasi, one of Eero’s clients, who uses an electric wheelchair. The Yetitablet allows Pasi to access the touch screen effortlessly, enabling him to stretch across the entire screen.

Pasi has cerebral palsy, making it difficult for him to control his left hand, which often involuntarily moves, and he needs to keep it pinned to his side. When using the Yetitablet, Pasi only uses his right hand. He may need to exert some effort to reach the screen, but he can stretch across the entire screen area. This helps to elevate his heart rate and keep the exercise sufficiently vigorous.

Pasi finds it challenging to move his fingers, so he sometimes uses the edge of his palm to touch the screen. As a result, his touch can sometimes be a little imprecise. In such situations, the infrared touch of Yetitablet is a particularly useful feature, as it allows precise tracking of movement. “Controlled movement exercises can be tested particularly well, for example, with the YetiMaze game. The large screen indicates whether the touch has been continuous,” explains Eero.

During his physiotherapy sessions, Pasi plays different games as part of his training whenever possible. For the most part, all of YetiCare’s proprietary apps are suitable for Pasi due to their versatile adjustment options. Eero likes the fact that the difficulty level can be adjusted widely. The games inspire Pasi to challenge his physiotherapist and compete with him in various games.

Customer experiences

Pasi thinks that YetiBubbles is by far the best game. It’s a suitably simple game. The best part is the scoring and the ability to challenge oneself. “Scoring adds more excitement to the game,” Pasi excitedly explains. Pasi also thinks it would be interesting to track his progress if results could be saved.

The best of YetiCare from a physiotherapist’s point of view:

  • It motivates the client to engage in exercises.
  • The client’s progress and success become visible
  • The large screen allows for practising larger ranges of motion and encourages clients to move more.
  • Games motivate clients to do exercises more extensively or with a wider range of motion than without the device.
  • Many games encourage competition and pushing oneself.
  • The Yetitablet is convenient because it is easy to move and can be adjusted to suit the client’s needs.

Briefly about DiakonTerveys

DiakonTerveys is a business unit specializing in health and wellness services within the Diakon Group, operating in the Satakunta region. DiakonTerveys offers a wide range of services, including physiotherapy and occupational therapy services for all ages. Their clientele includes children and seniors. YetiCare has been collaborating with DiakonTerveys since 2020.

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