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Care homes

YetiCare health technology provides a versatile and easy-to-use tool to enhance social interaction, reduce isolation, and increase the level of activity in care home settings.

Promoting well-being
in care homes

YetiCare health technology is actively in use at rehabilitation and nursing facilities around the world.

It enables an easy way to organise various group and individual activities without preparation. With YetiCare, the employees and residents can improve social interactions and more importantly – their well-being.

What YetiCare technology does to support life in care homes:

Enhances the well-being of residents and employees

Improves social interaction

Supports a sense of community

Activates older people physically and mentally

Helps to reduce social isolation and loneliness

Enables organising versatile activities

Seniors in mind

The large screen of YetiTablet is ideal for people with poor sight or motor skills. The giant size and adjustable stand enable new group activities that were unimaginable before. 

The inspiring, versatile contents of YetiCare ensure memorable moments with no planning time. Find suitable YetiCare applications for every occasion.

With YetiCare seniors can:

Have social interaction with other people

Promote functional capacity

Stimulate the brain through various games

Virtually travel to familiar places with Google Earth

Connect with family and friends

Stay up-to-date with current news

For care professionals

YetiCare health technology allows care professionals to effortlessly provide meaningful activities without extensive planning. With a wide range of pre-designed activities available, they can focus on delivering personalized experiences and learning more about their clients, enabling better personalisation and stronger relationships.

Moreover, it is an easy-to-use tool that brings joy to clients’ daily lives, creating a positive environment. Witnessing the positive impact on clients’ well-being, care professionals feel more motivated and fulfilled, knowing they are making a significant difference in their lives.

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Benefits for care professionals

New ideas for everyday activities

Activate at individual and group level

Easy-to-use and versatile

Save time required for planning

Well-being at work increases

Other environments

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