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YetiCare users


Promote well-being and stimulate activity

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People with disability

Develop skills and activate to participate

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Motivate and support learning in an inspiring way

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Encourage social interaction and learning with fun

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YetiCare health technology

YetiCare is a Finnish innovation and unique health technology that promotes well-being through engagement and motivation. Thus, it is an excellent tool for both care workers and users. YetiCare provenly provides new opportunities for group activities, encourages social interaction and conversation, and motivates individuals to rehabilitate and maintain cognitive and physical skills in a fun and playful way.

With a curated selection of applications and content for every occasion, YetiCare offers a sense of achievement, success and self-confidence.

Users from various environments

YetiCare has already found its way to many care environments in nine countries around the globe. In care homes and day centres, YetiCare activates individuals of all ages with cognitive or physical challenges. In early childhood and special education, Yeticare supports diverse learning. In a hospital environment, YetiCare motivates to rehabilitate.


YetiCare in brief

We are a Finnish technology company developing comprehensive health technology for the health and care sector. Our story started in 2015 when the company founders, Maria and Jarkko Jokelainen, wanted to help their autistic children to learn and communicate with the world. We are on a mission to democratize technology and overcome the digital inequality of individuals of all ages.

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