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YetiCare health technology is revolutionizing patient care, providing numerous opportunities to improve patients’ physical and cognitive abilities.

Aiming for better patient outcome

Hospitals require advanced and innovative technologies to aid in patient care and rehabilitation. YetiCare has proven to be a valuable technology in hospitals, especially in rehabilitation units, where patients require additional support to regain their physical and cognitive abilities. YetiCare health technology is used in several areas in the hospital environment, including coordination training, balance training, and strengthening weak arms and hands.

The versatility and ease of use make YetiCare an ideal tool for engaging patients in therapy sessions, while its ability to complement traditional therapy provides a more holistic approach to patient care. With YetiCare health technology, patients in hospitals can enjoy therapy sessions that are not only effective but also engaging, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.

YetiCare can be used in hospitals

Benefits for hospitals

YetiCare has revolutionized the way patients receive occupational therapy, providing new opportunities to train their abilities engagingly. YetiCare can turn patients’ attention away from hospitalization and rehabilitation processes, motivating them to participate in therapy. Yetitablet is easy to use, making it accessible to patients with different interests and abilities.

Additionally, Yeticare does not replace traditional therapy but complements it, providing an enjoyable and motivating experience for patients. Patients have been observed to spend twice as much time in front of the Yetitablet when performing balance exercises, compared to traditional activities. The use of Yetitablet has a significant impact on rehabilitation, providing a new and innovative way of engaging patients in their therapy sessions.

YetiCare in therapy use

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