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YetiCare supports learning in the education environment in a fun and motivating way. Pupils in special needs classes specifically benefit from YetiCare health technology.

Supporting group formation and communication

For schools and early childhood education, YetiCare offers a versatile tool to provide motivating lectures and inspiring YetiApps provide challenging activities for every skill level.

It supports group formation, promotes children’s self-regulation and helps to develop social skills. The YetiTablet is an ideal device for educational use due to its large size, durability, and safety features.

YetiCare in early childhood education

For education YetiCare can:

Support self-regulation

Help group formation

Improve social interaction

Develop social skills

In collaboration with teachers and students

YetiCare has been co-developed with teachers and students in Finland, which is known for having one of the best education systems in the world. As a result of this collaboration, YetiCare is designed to be easy to use and has an Android operating system with a user-friendly interface.

With Yeticare, teachers can:

Turn the classroom into a more collaborative and inspiring environment

Motivate students to learn with more interactive lessons

Arrange engaging activities with less time

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