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Research plays an important role at YetiCare. Our health technology has been involved in different university research.

YetiCare helps children to self-regulate

As a component of the EU-funded EPIC project, the health technology of YetiCare was examined in a UK special needs school. A notable outcome of the investigation was observing children utilising YetiCare for self-regulation while remaining within the classroom premises.

Children playing Yetitablet, EPIC project

YetiCare supports care professionals’ occupational well-being

YetiCare Oy was involved in the TYÖHYVE (Promoting occupational well-being in the elderly care homes) project implemented by Lapland University of Applied Sciences in 2022. Based on the results gained during the project, health technology can positively influence the well-being of residents and employees in care homes.

YetiCare and Yetitablet in care homes help to improve well-being

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