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We are committed to creating technology that is accessible to everyone. With this in mind, we have meticulously crafted the user interface of YetiCare with a range of supporting features that facilitate safe and hassle-free navigation for all users.

An easy-to-navigate user interface

YetiCare’s own user interface, the YetiLauncher, is designed to be easy to use, ensuring everyone can operate Yetitablet smoothly. It contains features that help care professionals provide the best care possible. A great selection of preselected content with modification possibilities ensures professionals can use their time with the customers in a more personalised way. The assistive features of YetiLauncher ensure the best possible experience for the users with visual, intellectual, or motor challenges helping to boost their self-confidence!


Large icons

The size of the icons can be enlarged, which is particularly helpful for users with visual impairment or motor challenges.

Targeted applications

A wide range of content suitable for the customer’s operating environment, sorted by theme. Includes YetiApps and free Play Store apps.

No IT skills are required

The YetiCare user interface is even easier to use than a regular smartphone, empowering the user to navigate with confidence and independence.

Possibility to lock the icons

Users can lock icons in place to prevent accidental movement or deletion of content.

Optimised colours and brightness

Our user interface has optimised colour and brightness to make the user experience enjoyable for people with visual impairment.

Only needed elements visible

Unnecessary elements are hidden to avoid disturbing the user.

Adjustable view

Users can easily adjust the screen view to suit their preferences.

Safe navigation

YetiNavigation includes many special features. Read more in the paragraph below.

Safe navigation –

YetiNavigation ensures safe and smooth navigation on the Yetitablet. The floating navbar prevents accidental clicks and can be easily moved or hidden.

YetiNavigation has classic Back, Home and Recent buttons.

Besides these standard navigation features, it includes extra features to support smooth usage.

Extra features

Split-screen mode

Allows users to use two applications at the same time.

Timer mode

Ensures concentration by locking the view to a selected application, preventing users from changing applications during use.

Volume buttons

To easily adjust the sound level.

Screen brightness optimisation

Ensures the screen brightness is perfect for your eyes.

Take screenshots

To easily take screenshots from the view. The user can use this function to save and share anything displayed on the screen.

Draw anywhere

Use the Yetitablet as a whiteboard to start drawing quickly. Users can also draw over any page or view.