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The YetiTablet, a superior giant tablet that maximises the benefits of YetiCare’s health technology solutions and offers a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Designed for the care environment

The YetiTablet is built using the highest quality components to meet the demands of the health and care industry. Its adjustable Google-certified Android OS operative system ensures a smooth and customisable user experience.

The large touchscreen with 4K resolution and high-definition display, with optimal brightness level, provides a vivid colour reproduction. The robust structure with strong safety glass makes it safe for use in care environments.

Accessible and adaptable

The YetiTablet is designed to be accessible. With adjustable height and tilt options, users can easily adjust the tablet to a comfortable position.

The YetiTablet has multiple benefits, including its effortless operation, portability, an ultra-responsive touch screen capable of detecting numerous simultaneous touches, and a wide range of pre-installed applications.

These attributes combined make the YetiTablet easily accessible, even for individuals who face mobility or vision challenges.


Large 55”-65” touchscreen with 4K resolution

10 touchpoints for group use

Adjustable and easy-to-move stand

Easily convertible into a table mode

Strong safety glass and a rigid steel structure

Easy and accessible YetiAndroid OS

Versatile connection possibilities

Easy to add a web camera or other accessories

Kuori – The renowned display company behind YetiTablet

The cutting-edge health technology product, YetiTablet, is designed and manufactured by Kuori Oy, the industry-leading pioneer in digital signage solutions. With a strong partnership between YetiCare Oy and Kuori, we strive to deliver exceptional products and services to meet customer needs.

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