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YetiCare health technology

YetiCare is an innovative health technology solution specially designed for individuals with cognitive or physical challenges. It comprises a simple user interface, tailored applications for the healthcare sector and a unique Yetitablet.

Great combination of

YetiCare health technology includes easy user interface


Our own easy-to-use and navigate user interface is designed for individuals with mobility or vision impairments. It has optimized colours, brightness and large icons.

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We have developed numerous tailored and motivating apps for rehabilitation, learning, and recreation in collaboration with professionals, partners, and users.

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YetiCare health technology includes Yetitablet


Yetitablet is a unique and adjustable giant tablet with Google-certified Yeti Android operative system designed for the care environment and fulfilling the highest demands.

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Optimizes well-being and motivates to interact

YetiCare health technology promotes meaningful life by stimulating cognitive and physical functions, social interaction and psychological well-being.  Moments of happiness, achievements and being together increase the well-being of people of all ages. YetiCare enables the equality of people with special needs by offering them better access to digital technology. YetiCare is developed in collaboration with healthcare organizations, professionals and users.

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