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We care about the well-being of older people. YetiCare health technology stimulates cognitive and physical activity and social interactions and helps create moments of joy.

Physical and mental well-being

At YetiCare, we understand the unique needs and challenges of the older people and care professionals. That is why we have created a tailored solution that is easy to use and delivers tangible results.

Our innovative approach to health technology ensures that the seniors stay involved in the digital environment, improve their community spirit, and have an easy way to find pleasant activities.

YetiCare health technology is widely used in care homes and activity centres for older people.

With YetiCare seniors can

Increase social interaction with other people

Improve functional capacity

Stimulate their brains through various games

Stay involved in the digital environment

Connect with family and friends

Stay up-to-date with current news

Supporting care professionals

For care professionals, we provide new ideas for everyday activities, better care results, and increased well-being at work. At YetiCare, we are committed to transforming the future of senior care through our innovative health technology solutions.

YetiCare health technology was involved in a project that developed occupational well-being. Three out of four nurses felt that YetiCare also supported their occupational well-being.

YetiCare and Yetitablet in care homes help to improve well-being

Benefits for care professionals

Better care results, meaning better comfort at work

New ideas for everyday activities

Activeness at both an individual and group level

Easy-to-use technology

Save time required for planning

Increase of well-being at work

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