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YetiCare as a Support for Psychiatric Care

Customer stories

YetiCare offers wellness technology widely in social and healthcare services. We have been collaborating with Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) for a long time. Based on numerous positive user trials, we wanted to evaluate the suitability of YetiCare for psychiatric care in the adult population.

The target group chosen was the stabilization workgroup of Satasairaala Psychiatric Department, operating in Harjavalta Hospital, which treats adults with unstable symptoms. The stabilization workgroup is a psychiatric treatment program that focuses on learning emotion recognition and regulation as well as self-identity skills. The group meets once a week for a period of one and a half years.

Nurses Krista Kivelä and Outi Riittiö, working in the stabilization workgroup, share their experiences with the technology trial.

Therapeutic Tool

During the trial period, YetiCare was used extensively in individual and group activities, such as warm-up and cool-down exercises during weekly group meetings and various exercises during therapy, including mindfulness. Mindfulness aims to raise awareness of one’s own existence and connect with the present moment.

One of the goals of therapy in the stabilization workgroup is for the client to learn to recognize their own arousal state. Nurse Krista Kivelä describes the role of YetiCare in therapy:
“We use the concept of a ‘window of tolerance’ as a support in recognizing and observing the state of one’s body and mind. The extremes of this window are hypoarousal and hyperarousal. We actively used YetiCare technology in exercises related to these states. For clients in a hypoarousal state, we used various games such as YetiBubbles and YetiBrainGames to activate them. Clients in a hyperarousal state calm down by listening to soothing music and watching nature-themed pictures and videos on the Yetitablet.”

“YetiCare works particularly effectively in activating individuals. Especially YetiBubbles is a great application for this purpose.”

Krista Kivelä, Nurse, Satasairaala Psychiatric Department

Supporting the treatment of various clients

“YetiCare is a versatile tool that brings diversity to the treatment program, enabling clients to learn new ways of functioning. The use of the Yetitablet also encourages the use of technology beyond the treatment setting.”

“It also serves as an excellent platform for implementing mindfulness exercises, where we aim to bring awareness to the present moment by stimulating the senses. Figure eights are familiar to our clients.”

“It is important that we can utilize modern technology in psychiatric rehabilitation, which both facilitates our work and motivates our clients.”

“YetiCare combines multiple devices in its technology. It is much more convenient to directly access instructional mater

The stabilization workgroup consists of clients with diverse backgrounds. YetiCare technology can be used with various clients, including those with dissociative, depressive, and psychotic disorders.

Krista shares her experience with using YetiCare at the client level:
“We used YetiCare as a support for one client with dissociation. For example, we played a memory game that helped the patient focus on the present moment and the game itself. Playing the memory game safely takes the patient’s mind off old traumatic memories. The client also found YetiBubbles to be an excellent game. It was wonderful to see the client get excited about engaging in activities.”

Peaceful nature videos are also a good way to distract thoughts from old memories. When both the client and I are using the Yetitablet, I can notice the client becoming more relaxed. They may not feel as much under scrutiny at that moment.

Clients have particularly enjoyed the large screen in YetiCare, which makes the content pleasant to watch. Playing games has been enjoyable as well. “It’s important to explain to the client why we do each task. We don’t do things just for fun; everything has its purpose,” Krista emphasizes.

The members of the stabilization workgroup describe how YetiCare wellness technology helps them in their work:

“For us as staff, YetiCare provides many opportunities for activities because there is a wide range of ready-made content. YetiCare is excellent, for example, as a tool for relaxation.”

A technology with numerous possibilities

Nurses see YetiCare as offering even more possibilities. ‘We could utilize YetiCare, for example, in exposure therapies. The large display would allow safe confrontation with triggers of fear, such as images. It is also possible to virtually travel beforehand using Google Earth.’ Nurses evaluate YetiCare’s suitability for long-term rehabilitation wards as well.

YetiCare enables independent use in a safe manner, making it excellent for self-calming in sensory rooms or in children and youth wards. The device’s durable structure and strong safety glass ensure its safety even with extensive use.

In general psychiatric use, YetiCare has been found to be an effective tool that enables diverse activities to be organized. “I am pleased that we have had the opportunity to explore YetiCare’s technology and utilize it in our operations,” Krista concludes.

The suitability of YetiCare well-being technology as a psychiatric tool was tested during the years 2022-2023 in the Stability Work Group. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) acted as the coordinator for the trial period. SAMK Technology Unit facilitates the testing of well-being technology in healthcare.

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