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YetiCare is a cutting-edge health technology that offers benefits in neuropsychiatry use. It helps psychiatrists and therapists to provide comprehensive services and thus enhance the overall therapy experience.

Tool for professionals

Yeticare health technology can be used for individual or group use as part of neuropsychiatric therapy or in-ward use. It is proven to provide a modern tool to support psychiatric care. Advanced tools in psychiatry facilitate the work of employees and enable the provision of comprehensive services.

Yeticare can be used as a mindfulness tool to bring the client to the present moment. The patient can activate themselves by playing YetiCare applications. Additionally, the patient can benefit YetiCare for calming and relaxation by listening to peaceful nature sounds. In neuropsychiatry, YetiCare can be utilized for clients who suffer from, among other things, depression, various dissociative disorders, or are psychotic.

YetiCare in therapy use

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