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Touching Innovation: The Yetitablet revolution at Osallisuustalo AITO

Customer stories

YetiCare tukee autismikirjon asiakkaiden arkea

Osallisuustalo AITO in Iisalmi, Finland, has enhanced the therapeutic and learning experiences for its autistic clients through Yetitablet, YetiCare’s giant-sized touchscreen tablet. This device has become integral to the centre’s activities, improving client independence and social and technological engagement. Yetitablet’s accessible design and versatile functions have advanced sensory stimulation and music education and also, offered therapeutic benefits, thus playing a significant role in the clients’ developmental progress and well-being.

Introduction: Osallisuustalo AITO

Osallisuustalo AITO, operated by the Savas Foundation in Iisalmi, Finland, is a specialized day centre dedicated to providing structured and guided daytime activities for individuals on the autism spectrum. These activities are designed within an autism rehabilitation framework that emphasizes a solution-focused and resource-oriented approach.

With a daily attendance of 17 clients, the centre’s activities have been organized to occur in intimate group settings. Osallisuustalo AITO’s dynamic and engaging programs aim to bolster clients’ independence in daily tasks, fostering social engagement and active participation within the community.

YetiCare: A fruitful learning journey with modern technology

In 2019, Osallisuustalo AITO introduced YetiCare’s 65-inch Yetitablet to its clients. Initially serving as a television and monitor, it was primarily employed for viewing daily news and displaying the schedules and meeting times for our clients. This initial use facilitated a smooth transition for clients to become acquainted with the device, setting the stage for its broader application.

“The robust Yetitablet has revolutionised the way we integrate technology with our services. Previously, we had to safeguard our electronic devices from damage due to handling”, says Osallisuustalo AITO’s Unit Director Merita Korhonen.

“Yetitablet’s durability has not only allowed us to discontinue these protective measures for our standard televisions, thereby extending their lifespan, but it has also significantly enhanced our clients’ interaction with technology, making such interactions a routine part of their day”, Korhonen continues.

A key feature that influenced Osallisuustalo AITO’s decision to acquire the Yetitablet was indeed its impact resistance, catering to the needs of the centre’s clients who previously had limited or cautious engagements with technology. Now, with the Yetitablet, they interact with devices more confidently and comfortably.

“The mobility of the Yetitablet has been particularly beneficial, allowing us to transport it effortlessly among different groups. This adaptability has proven invaluable, as the Yetitablet is versatile in facilitating various activities and engaging a diverse range of clients”, Merita Korhonen describes.

“Yetitablet has significantly enhanced our clients’ interaction with technology, making such interactions a routine part of their day. Previously, we had to safeguard our electronic devices from damage due to rough handling.”

Merita Korhonen
YetiCaren avulla voi toteuttaa virtuaalimatkailua.

Enhancing engagement: The multifaceted impact of YetiCare in clients’ development

The introduction of the Yetitablet at Osallisuuskoti AITO has been a game-changer in enriching the experiences of their clients.

Says Petri Rytkönen, Instructor of daily activities at Osallisuustalo AITO:
“YetiCare’s Yetitablet has not only broadened the scope of sensory stimulation and educational activities for our customers but also bolstered the autonomy and skill development of individuals with diverse needs. We have experienced a wide range of benefits and practical applications that Yetitablet has facilitated, showcasing its role in supporting the engagement and development of our customers.”

Sensory experience enhancement

Yetitablet is utilized in motosensory applications to allow individuals to engage in rich multisensory experiences, providing both visual and auditory stimuli such as those experienced when watching ASMR videos, thereby enhancing the overall sensory experience.

Music education and enjoyment

The device supports a variety of music-related activities, enabling users to play instruments like drums and piano on the touchscreen and to enjoy listening to music, enriching the learning experience.

Accessibility features

Designed with a rotatable stand, Yetitablet provides accessible technology solutions for customers with limited mobility, ensuring that everyone can engage with the device.

Virtual travel and social skills practice

By enabling users to virtually explore different locales, Yetitablet aids in developing social and everyday skills and promotes interactive learning and shared experiences through its large screen interface.

Interactive games for skill development

Yetitablet includes games such as drawing and painting that are not only popular but also instrumental in developing creative and interactive communication skills among users.

Therapeutic uses

Yetitablet acts as a supportive tool for calming restless clients and encouraging clients with difficulties in action control to engage in movement, thereby serving therapeutic purposes that contribute to both mental and physical well-being.

Operational ease for instructors

Instructors find Yetitablet’s operating system familiar and user-friendly, which simplifies the facilitation of its use and allows clients to navigate the device independently, fostering their autonomy and confidence.

Observation of development

Instructors have happily noted the development of new skills in clients who use Yetitablet, highlighting its role in providing a peaceful environment conducive to learning and exploration.

Meet Otto and Arto, happy users of Yetitablet


Otto is an individual on the autism spectrum who has found a particular affinity for Yetitablet. He engages with games enthusiastically, often expressing his joy with cheerful exclamations during gameplay. His interest leans towards mind-stimulating games like memory challenges and puzzles, which he navigates with skill.

While Otto typically prefers solitary play, savouring the independence it offers, he has made an exception for puck games, which he enjoys playing alongside an instructor.

Demonstrating proficiency with the tablet, Otto comfortably navigates through the game menus, often exploring the variety of options available to him. Additionally, he has a fondness for YouTube, where he likely enjoys a range of videos that cater to his interests and hobbies.


Arto is an individual on the autism spectrum who engages with Yetitablet in a measured and precise manner. He has a particular preference for games that challenge the mind, with puzzles and memory games being among his favourites.

Arto’s motor skills are described as “slow,” making it challenging for him when elements move quickly across the screen. However, he has made significant strides in using Yetitablet to enhance his daily experience. Arto has learned to select music that suits his mood, an activity that provides him with a sense of control and personal enjoyment.

Moreover, with Yetitablet’s interactive capabilities, Arto has been able to learn and play musical instruments like the piano, which not only entertain him but also help in the development of his motor skills and cognitive abilities.

Four years and counting: Advancing the YetiCare experience with development ideas

Leveraging their comprehensive experience with the Yetitablet since 2019, the team at Osallisuustalo AITO has shared valuable feedback to enhance the device’s operation and user interaction. They’ve adeptly integrated external speakers to improve audio quality, illustrating a proactive approach to optimizing the sensory experience.

Recognizing the importance of a clear interface with a device of this scale, regular cleaning of the Yetitablet’s surface has been adopted as a best practice to ensure its touch screen remains highly responsive.

The Savas Foundation

The Savas Foundation was founded in 1989 to promote the development of living and day-to-day living conditions for people in need of support in Savonia, Finland. The foundation produces and develops housing and daytime activities services mainly for people with intellectual disabilities and people on the autism spectrum, as well as mental health rehabilitation.