YetiCare brand got a new visual look


Updated brand identity

We have refreshed our visual identity, including the logo and colour palette. The new YetiCare logo is modern and lively, embodying movement and an interactive world while being approachable and warm. Our colour scheme is stylish and fresh, with dark purple being the primary colour used in the brand’s visual identity. Additionally, YetiCare’s logos incorporate shades of pink, lilac, and white.

Now our logo and colour scheme will be easily recognizable in all contexts. A unified brand identity is a fundamental part of YetiCare marketing strategy helping our customers recognize the brand.

The new visual identity strengthens YetiCare position in the market and increases its recognition among customers. The refreshed brand enhances the value proposition of YetiCare products and services, making it easier for the health and care sector to understand the benefits and capabilities of YetiCare health technology, YetiApps and Yetitablet.

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