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Own YetiCare applications provide a distinctive approach to activity, rehabilitation and recreation in our user groups. Our goal is to offer enjoyable and motivating experiences to our customers through technology.

Training and enjoyment

YetiCare applications are designed to support the training of various skills such as mobility, fine motor and coordination skills, as well as cognitive and social skills.

With YetiCare applications, users can practise their memory, stimulate their senses, and create their unique sound and art world. 

Additionally, there are apps specifically designed for relaxation, allowing users to calm down and relax by sensing the flow of water and the different sounds of nature.

YetiApps categories


Engage in refreshing physical activities designed to enhance well-being and strengthen the body. Experience the joy of movement!


This category offers a range of sensory experiences designed to stimulate the senses, evoke emotions, and create moments of blissful tranquillity.


Engage in interactive and engaging activities that foster meaningful connections, strengthen relationships, and ignite joy in the interactions.


Explore mind-engaging activities, from puzzles and quizzes to memory-enhancing exercises. Sharpen cognitive skills, expand knowledge, and unlock the mind!

Collaboration with healthcare professionals

At YetiCare, we work closely with healthcare professionals and specialists, such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and nurses from various fields, to create and test our applications.

Our team is continuously developing our applications in collaboration with universities, healthcare professionals, and users to ensure that they are effective and meet the needs of our users.

Applications for the healthcare environment

YetiCare applications are extensively used in the healthcare environment, such as in physical and neurological rehabilitation, hospitals, special education, disability services, and care homes. Moreover, we develop specific applications for dedicated user groups.

Our applications are optimal for use on the large Yetitablet and are for group and individual use. We have developed them to be easy to use and motivational. They do not contain disturbing advertisements, ensuring a safe and enjoyable user experience.

In addition to YetiApps, users can access the content on the Internet and Play Store.

Supporting professionals in providing quality care

Provide new ideas for rehabilitation and daily activities

Great variety of applications

Increase motivation and create moments of excitement

Applications made focusing on the users’ needs

Increase social interaction and a sense of community

Includes multiple inspiring group games

No IT skills are needed

Applications are extremely easy to use

Ensure a safe and enjoyable user experience

No advertisements – no disruptions

Save time and enables focusing on the patient care